Find out which shirtless movie star jwoww’s mad at mtv for snubbing [video]

As long as they’re tan, toned and legal, JWOWW is always game to size up a half-nekkid movie star, so when we got together with her recently on the set of “One Life to Live” (she’ll soon be playing a bartender who sleeps with her boss!), the former “Jersey Shore” castie kindly took a gander at MTV’s 2013 Movie Awards nominees for Best Shirtless Performance, and offered her unfiltered two cents about whose pecs simmered above the rest.

While the gravity-defying swimwear creator had no interest in robbing Taylor Lautner’s cradle, she practically panted at the sight of Channing Tatum and…Ted. That’s right, while Jenni is normally attracted to juicehead gorillas, she definitely doesn’t discriminate against CG-animated bears.

There is one not-so-slight oversight she says MTV made when choosing the nominees, however. HOW COULD WE SNUB TOM HARDY??? “Even though Tom was technically not completely shirtless, he was still hotter [than Christian Bale in ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘] in his Bane sexy outfit,” she says in the MTV News interview clip below. Consider us (and Mr. Bale, who is up for the award) officially put in our place.

Check out the video of JWOWW defending Tom Hardy’s physique (and inviting him backstage for some one-on-one time), tell us if you share her taste in shirtless men and, of course, tune in for the MTV Movie Awards this Sunday at 9/8c, followed by a sneak episode of “The Show with Vinny.”