‘finally’ pt. 1 and 2: what we learned on tonight’s degrassi finale

Allison Bowsher
Degrassi Finally Recap

The time has come to say goodbye to some of Degrassi’s most beloved characters. Before the tears start flowing, the graduating class has to actually make it through prom and across the stage. But will everyone get to wear a cap and gown? Find out below!

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Zoe and Miles are spending all their time together, but it’s difficult for Miles to focus on his new crush when he can hear Hunter freaking out in the classroom next to him. Hunter is upset he didn’t have time to finish his final exam and Miles tries to calm his brother down. Miles turns out to be the last person Hunter wants to see and screams at Miles to get away from him because he always makes things worse.


Miles and Zoe watch Hunter studying with Arlene in the library later that day and Zoe thinks she’s figured out the cause of Hunter’s bad mood. He likes Arlene and is upset he won’t see her all summer. That, or his 15 and moody. Just a thought. Miles decides to throw an end of the year party and invite Arlene, hoping it will make Hunter happy. When Hunter refuses to get in the pool with everyone, Miles throws him in. Yeahhhhh that’s probably not going to make him like you, Miles.


Hunter storms off in a rage and Miles finds Hunters later, ready to battle with sticks. Miles eventually admits defeat and Hunter tells his brother again that he can’t stand being around him, especially now that their dad is gone. Hunter knows Mr. Hollingsworth isn’t perfect, but he still wants to move in with his dad.


Drew is excited to finally be graduating from Degrassi and spending prom with his best friend Dallas. Too bad for Drew, Dallas is following orders from Alli who doesn’t want Drew anyone near Clare. I think we can also assume that Alli would probably like to spend her prom night without the guy that cheated on her.


That includes the limo ride and their table at prom. Dallas begs Alli to reconsider and Alli suggests that Drew ask Becky to prom now that she and Jonah are over.


Promposals are popping up everywhere at Degrassi. Connor gave Jenna’s romantic gesture of building him a spaceship a throwback and dressed up as an astronaut to invite her to prom.


Drew decides for a more classic route and interrupts final exams to ask Becky to prom. Too bad for Drew, Becky says no in front of the entire senior class. Maybe she was annoyed he took away her extra two minutes of study time.


Drew begs Dallas again to get Alli to reconsider letting him in their limo for prom, but with all the work Alli has put into the final Degrassi dance and knowing he’s leaving for Japan soon, Dallas doesn’t want to do anything to upset Alli. Upsetting Drew seems to be much less of an issue. Dallas totally saw the Boiler Room episode.


Clare is trying to figure out what to write on her graduation card that will be read when she crosses the stage in her cap and gown, but so far all she has is a blank space. Eli suggests Clare to come to New York with him and take the year to write and figure out what she wants to do next. And there will be good bagels. He should remind her of the bagels.


It’s time for prom and Alli, Clare and Jenna are giving me major déjà vu as they get ready in Clare’s bedroom. Alli goes searching for a black sparkly clutch and instead finds one of Clare’s many, many, many diaries. How did she have time to study and write that many diaries? The girls tease Clare and take turns reading from her grade nine diary, which includes Clare promising herself that she’ll never let a guy get in the way of her future.


Dallas, Connor and Eli are waiting for the girls outside and Eli has an announcement. Oh lawd, he’s going to propose!


Nope, he’s just going to ask Clare to move in with him. Phew. After remembering what grade nine Clare had planned for her future, senior Clare decides that she can’t go to New York with Eli and instead needs to find her own path. Couldn’t she just have said ‘yes’ and then had this serious talk with Eli after prom?


The group get to the dock ready to board the prom cruise and find it…not there. Alli calls the boat company and discovers out that Dallas did confirm the boat like he said he would, expect he confirmed it for next year.


Dallas calls Drew, hoping his best friend will have his back more than Dallas did with Alli. Drew laughs at Dallas and hangs up, but after a quick smack from Mrs. Torres, calls Dallas back and comes up with a plan.


The two meet at Degrassi and Drew uses his Student Body President perks to let himself in and borrow twinkly lights.


Drew and Dallas decorate the street in front of The Dot and spread the message on social media that the prom has moved. Alli is ecstatic and Dallas apologizes to Drew for earlier. Of course, they bro-hug it out.


Imogen is still upset over how things ended with Jack, so Becky pushes her to show up at Jack’s house with a hot dog (it’s hard to get flowers last minute) and ask her to prom.


Jack agrees, but taking her ex-girlfriend to prom makes something very clear to Imogen; Jack is a total buzzkill. She thinks prom is stupid and refuses to do any novelty dances. Imogen should have eaten the hot dog and kept walking right past Jack’s place.


Clare and Eli also aren’t having the greatest time, but that’s because their entire future together is uncertain. Clare promises Eli that she wants to be with him, but that she needs to figure out her future on her own. The wound from the rejection earlier is still too raw for Eli and he walks away, leaving Clare standing in the middle of prom in her blue dress.


The next day at graduation, Clare still isn’t sure what to put on her blank card. That is, until she gets a pep talk from an old friend.


Mr. Simpson is back to see his students graduate and tells Clare that he was lost when he was put on indefinite leave from Degrassi. He took the time to figure out a new path and now he’s planning on spending the summer in Haiti building schools. Mr. Simpson tells Clare to embrace the unknown and open herself to new opportunities.


Ms. Pill continues to exhibit no chill and informs Drew that his decision to take advantage of his position as Degrassi Student President and break into the school has gotten him kicked out of graduation.


Drew watches as all his friends cross the stage on their way to mostly science degrees (seriously, that’s a lot of science majors) until they get to Clare, who has decided to write on her card that she’s taking a gap year and embracing the unknown.


Connor gives his speech as valedictorian and then the graduation takes a somber turn as the students remember Adam Torres.


Okay, the tears are now flowing.


Drew apologizes to his mother, who won’t see either son graduate, and Mrs. Torres reassures Drew that she’s never been prouder of him and his work as President.


Dallas organizes a message to make sure Drew knows that his friends haven’t forgotten him and Ms. Pill relents and allows Drew to cross the stage and get his diploma.


Ugh, what is all this water that keeps coming out of my eyes?!


All the students file out onto the steps following the ceremony and Becky starts a congo line just for Imogen.


Eli makes us swoon for the millionth time delivering one of the greatest Degrassi lines when he finds Clare and says (altogether now) “Did anyone ever tell you that you have really pretty eyes?”. Clare reassures Eli that she loves him and needs to figure out who she is.


Now that he’s had some time to think, Eli agrees and tells Clare he’ll always love her and can’t wait to see who she becomes. THE TEARS! I CAN’T STOP THE TEARS!


Don’t miss the two-hour Degrassi special ‘Don’t Look Back’ this Sunday at 9e/6p on MTV Canada.