Fifth harmony finally gave lauren a ‘worth it’ solo: watch

The only time you hear Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui on “Worth It” is during the chorus, while Ally, Normani, Camila and Dinah get solos. She can be heard elsewhere on the album, but the song has always been a point of contention with Harmonizers, especially when they have to perform it live.

But at long last! Lauren got her “Worth It” moment on Thursday night when the group performed at Univision’s Premios Juventud, where they won an award in the “I Wanna Dress Like Her” category.

5H changed things up at the event, wearing all red and singing “Dame Esta Noche,” the Spanglish version of “Worth It,” which they released earlier this week. Dinah and Ally kept their verses in English while Normani and Camila translated to Spanish.

And to the delight of fans, Lauren got to close out the song with a second bridge.

1. Some people are going crazy.

2. Some think that ‘Worth It’ is finally a ‘true Fifth Harmony song.’

3. The whole thing was kind of unreal.

4. The solo gave some fans life.

5. Some wish it was even longer.

6. And others want this version for purchase.

7. It was a buenas noches.