These fear factor contestants are being forced to ‘feel the fire’

Adding a bit of spice to one’s food, specifically in the form of pepper, is natural. But Fear Factor is about to really turn up the heat.

“In this level of hell, you’re not only going to have to feel the fire, you’re going to have to taste it too,” host Ludacris declares in a sneak peek of Tuesday’s episode (the series will now air on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 10e/7p!). And one contestant is already freaking the f**k out about what he has to ingest.

“Once I went to some wing place, and the next thing I know, I’m sweating and my eyes feel like they bleeding,” he confesses. Well, buddy, this FF challenge is about to really make you perspire…

So what do the contestants have to do during “Fire Spitter”? And what types of hot food products will they need to consume? Find out in the latest episode, and don’t miss Fear Factor on one of its new nights, Tuesday at 1oe/7p!