Family affair: here are the ‘bloodlines’ competing for ‘the challenge’ crown

“You can choose your friends but you sho’ can’t choose your family,” Harper Lee eloquently wrote in “To Kill a Mockingbird” — and during the upcoming season of “The Challenge,” the teams (comprised of MTV cast members and their never-before-seen kin) will need to live by these iconic literary words if they want to emerge victorious. No pressure, folks — your parents/aunts/uncles/grandparents are just watching to ensure you’re on your best behavior.

MTV The Challenge 29

“Battle of the Bloodlines” — the 27th (!) installment of the long-running game show — features 14 teams comprised of familiar faces (from “Real World” and “Are You the One?”, to name a few) and their relatives vying for a grand (and lucrative prize) of $350,000. And if these latest recruits want to ensure that their clan name is preserved — and future milestone events go smoothly in front of their loved ones — they might want to play nice. But if we’ve learned one thing through the years, anything is possible because all is fair in love, war and “Challenges” (right, Johnny Bananas?)

Before we get a glimpse of the 28 folks taking part in daredevil missions and making strategic moves, here is an official look at the guys and girls vying to be No. 1 — and attempting to bring some special pride back home to their relatives:

Aneesa and Rianna (Cousins)


Johnny Bananas and Vince (Cousins)


Camila and Larissa (Sisters)


Cara Maria and Jamie (Cousins)


Christina and Emily (Sisters)


Cohutta and Jill (Cousins)


Cory and Mitch (Cousins)


Dario and Raphy (Brothers)


Jenna and Brianna (Cousins)


KellyAnne and Anthony (Cousins)


Leroy and Candice (Cousins)


Nany and Nicole (Cousins)


Tony and Shane (Brothers)


Thomas and Stephen (Brothers)


+ Which cast members are you looking forward to seeing as they vie for all of the “Challenge” glory? Sound off in the comments, watch the action-packed trailer below and be sure to catch the premiere of “Battle of the Bloodlines” on Wednesday, December 2 at 10e/7p!