Fall out boy brings mania back to trl

Fall Out Boy is on the heels of releasing their seventh studio album MANIA. Right before the big drop, the iconic band stopped by TRL to re-live their glory days and talk about the latest phase of their career. Last month, they shared a remix of “Champion” that features BTS member RM, so we had to find out how those worlds collided and lead to such a dope collaboration. (Fun fact: Pete Wentz met RM at an arcade during his son’s ninth birthday party!) Fall Out Boy recently put out a music video inspired by informercials for their latest single “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes),” so Tamara Dhia probed them about how the unique concept came about. Watch the full recap below and tune into TRL Monday to Thursday at 4e/1p! MANIA is officially out everywhere on January 19 via Island Records.