‘faking it”s rita volk and katie stevens take our bff-ship test [video]

If you’re willing to mouth-kiss your best friend in front of the whole school just to keep her happy, it’s safe to say you’ve got a solid bond. There’s no doubt that Amy and Karma of “Faking It” are two peas in a pod, and funnily enough, we recently discovered that Rita Volk and Katie Stevens, the actresses behind the characters, are attached at the hip, too. But how tight is their tether? In our BFF-ship Test below, refereed by he girls’ co-star, Gregg Sulkin, they set out to prove their sisterhood is the real deal.

Rita starts off strong by correctly guessing that Katie has kissed another girl, but can’t quite get it together enough to nail down Katie’s biggest fear — being buried alive. “Imagine you’re buried alive and screaming and no one can hear you,” Katie says. “That is scary,” admits Rita, who’d incorrectly answered “clowns.” Maybe the ladies should screen “It” at their next sleepover?

For all the back-and-forth, the friends come to a consensus on the final question, both deeming Rita the better listener. “I have ADD — I listen to what she says, but, like, I’m like a dog, like — squirrel,” Katie confesses as she motions to something out of sight.

Watch the game, and be sure to catch these three on the second “Faking It” episode, Tuesday night at 10:30e/7:30p!