‘faking it’: should liam or amy be karma’s first priority?

For a moment on this week’s “Faking It” episode, it looked like Karma had lost it all.

After storming out of the threesome-that-never-was, she decided to “break up” with her “girlfriend” Amy to spare her BFF-in-earnest any more pain. But in the process, her classmates — who had championed Karmy’s relationship — were furious. And when they pointed their collective finger at Liam for the girls’ split — well, yeah, the group sex was his idea — Liam severed all ties with Karma and fled to Hester High’s art room to escape scorn.

Racked with guilt, makeshift PR guru Karma tried to soften the blow to Liam’s reputation by using the school’s gossip Tumblr to blame herself and Amy for the fallout. First, she considered citing the girls’ different plans for colleges as the cause of their undoing. But when that wasn’t enough to sate the student body, she falsely (and publicly) labeled Amy a sex addict. Big mistake: Amy wasn’t too pleased, and when she felt that Karma was more concerned with Liam’s well-being than hers, she seemed ready to leave her longtime pal in the dust.


It wasn’t until Karma made a guest appearance on the morning announcements to apologize to both — and to genuinely blame her own confusion for her “split” with Amy — that Liam and Amy considered forgiving her. Harmony didn’t seem far away, but now that Karma and Liam are finally poised to hook up (after many a failed attempt), whose interests are really the most significant to Karma? And, more importantly, whose should be?

After watching the episode, and considering Karma’s ups and downs with both Amy and Liam, who should take precedence?