‘faking it’: should karma forgive amy and liam for hooking up?

Well, that certainly felt like a TKO.

On Tuesday night’s season finale of “Faking It,” the shots and jabs wouldn’t stop coming. Amy‘s tearful confession of her feelings for Karma? Sucker punch. Karma quietly explaining that she slept with Liam? Right hook. Liam’s face when he learned of Karma’s elaborate deception? Left hook. A very drunk and distraught Amy getting busy with an equally drunk and distraught Liam? Below the belt.


What will the last few moments of the episode mean for Season 2 of the show? One thing is for certain: Karma will find out about Liam and Amy’s hookup. And that ain’t good.

Given everything that went down, do you think Karma should bury the hatchet with her bestie? And should she still pursue a relationship with Liam now that he’s done the dirty with Amy? Sound off!