‘faking it’ poll: should shane ease up on karma?

Even at a school that’s as friendly as Hester High, fights are bound to happen. But Shane‘s treatment of Karma on tonight’s “Faking It” episode could have given a snowman frostbite.

Karma, who made it her personal mission to help Amy move on from her romantically, put forth a real effort to arrange a lasting date for her BFF. But, convinced that Karma had ulterior motives — and that she was just trying to distract Amy so that she could reel Liam in once again — Shane confronted the singer at Hester’s Brazilian carnival, and nearly gave her whiplash.

Shane ripped Karma apart for exploiting him and his fellow gays for personal gain and laid into her for hurting both Liam and Amy in the process. “You used your witchy ways and made my two favorite people fall for you,” he said before kissing her to see what all the fuss was about. Ultimately, though, he said he still didn’t get her appeal.


True, Karma is no saint, and her fake-lesbian agenda won’t earn her an officer’s position at the gay/straight student alliance. But she’s trying her damnedest to right her wrongs, so should Shane ease up? After all, if his two best pals love her so much, she can’t be so bad…