‘faking it’: is karma secretly falling in lust with amy?

Not sure if your bestie likes you in that way? Getting her to make out with you, while wearing only the finest from Victoria’s Secret, is one surefire strategy to find out!

That was kinda-sorta Amy‘s plan when she agreed to a threesome with her BFF Karma and Hester High School’s resident hottie Liam, on last week’s episode of “Faking It.” While Karma’s plan centered on her fake girlfriend bolting mid-orgy so she could finally lose her V-card to Liam, Amy held onto hope that Karma was really, truly into her. After all, in the words of the ever-insightful Shane: “One does not suggest a three-way with one’s BFF all willy-nilly.” Bisexual Batsignal alert!

But when it came time to actually seal the deal with both Amy and Liam, Karma got cold feet. Whether it was the seedy motel room, the unexpected strains of “Mr. Saxobeat,” the thought of really having to pretend being into her gal pal or the prospect of going all the way with Liam, she became radically reluctant, prompting Amy to get the party started with the best quote ever: “F**k it. Is this a threesome or a staring contest?”

And that’s about when THE KISS happened.

No, not this one. The lingerie-laden, not-so-sisterly smooch that left Karma completely bewildered and Amy likely thinking something along the lines of “Nailed it!”

Yep, this is the one.

Not wanting to be left out, Liam swooped in to swap spit with Amy. Bad move: Karma immediately fled the scene. Was she upset that the hunky artist locked lips with her longtime BFF first…or was there something else going on? Could Karma have freaked out over the sparks that flew from the pre-threesome-that-wasn’t kiss with Amy? Cast your vote, and see what happens tonight during an all-new “Faking It” at 10:30e/7:30p!