‘faking it’ is about to get a dose of ‘pretty little liars’

It’s been Liam Booker‘s “Faking It” prerogative to steer clear of his wealthy family’s buttoned-up, silver spoon-fed rituals, but is a Hester High School newcomer going to help him tap into his Rockefeller-ish roots?

Chloe Bridges, who’s appeared on “Pretty Little Liars” and “The Carrie Diaries,” will join “Faking It” for the second half of Season 2, during which she’ll play a socialite named Zita Cruz, MTV announced. While Zita might be just another snob to the naked eye, she’s simply too cool to shrug off, and she’ll prove to be Liam’s lifeline while the two intern for the Booker family’s Internet conglomerate, Skwerkel.

In case you’ve forgotten what went down on last night’s finale, Liam promised his father he’d give up his art dreams and work for the family business in exchange for the exoneration of Karma‘s parents, who were arrested for selling marijuana out of their juice truck (don’t be judgmental — they were trying to help comfort Austin’s ailing elderly!). Do you think Zita will cause issues for the recently reconciled Karma and Liam?

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