‘eye candy’ love triangle: who’s the better man for lindy?

Just three weeks ago, a psychic urged Tommy to reveal his feelings for Lindy on “Eye Candy.” What the fortune-teller didn’t mention was that he should act swiftly — because he’s got major competition for the lovely lady’s affections.

The other guy? That handsome Aussie Jake who, on tonight’s episode, opened up and told Lindy how he truly feels. Tommy, take note.

“I really do like you,” the lawyer gushed during a walk in the park. Then, proving that he has serious game, he leaned in for a makeout session.


But alas, “Eye Candy” isn’t about romance, and just before their smoochfest, Jake had asked Lindy to use her sleuthing skills to solve a mystery: His former intern Nick had rented an apartment on a website called Virtual Slumber, allowing him and his girlfriend Beth to enjoy a night in someone else’s luxurious pad. But the next morning, with no memory of the evening before, Nick awoke to find whip marks on his back.

Lindy swung into action, booking the same apartment that the couple had used in order to get a closer look at it. After some hacking, she and George realized that the building was filled with cameras and all goings-on were being broadcast on Dolls House, a website for voyeurs. More discoveries followed: Nick had been repeatedly renting the apartment to have sex with other women; Beth, meanwhile, knew all about it and had hired someone to mutilate his back in revenge. And the flogging was provided by the Dolls House as an “add-on” — meaning that the guy with the whip could be hired to do just about anything.

The plot only got juicier. Renting that apartment on Virtual Slumber had made Lindy a featured offering on the Dolls House site — and someone had already “bought” her to be used by the whipping guy. Time to cancel that reservation, right? Nope.

“[This] might be our only chance to catch whoever is doing this,” Lindy told Tommy, suggesting a full police sting operation.

Tommy agreed under one condition: He would accompany Lindy and act as her husband. That didn’t please Jake, who winced at the plan — and decided to “crash” the sting operation with George.

At first, it didn’t seem like the best idea: As the two sat in George’s van and watched Lindy and Tommy on the Dolls House site, Jake was forced to see the two play hubby and wife. Their “act” included a kissing session — yes, there was tongue — and Tommy then got shirtless. But bigger trouble was ahead…


In a matter of minutes, Tommy was practically unconscious thanks to a knock-out drug, and Lindy was captured by the Dolls House madman. As she screamed in terror, George and Jake rushed in with backup cops; Tommy, meanwhile, regained consciousness and clobbered the assailant. Instinctively, Lindy collapsed into Tommy’s arms — juuuust as Jake walked in. Again witnessing his intended getting thiclose to another man, he hightailed it out of there.

So, folks, it looks like we’ve got a love triangle on “Eye Candy.” Obviously, both Tommy and Jake have feelings for Lindy — and vice-versa. And they’re both catches: Jake is dashing, successful and sweet — and he’s got that accent. But Tommy is a bonafide hero — he’s courageous, strong and smart. Plus, as proven tonight, his body’s pretty hot (don’t pretend you didn’t notice).

But which hunk do you think would be a better match for Lindy? Tell us in the comments, and don’t miss next week’s episode of “Eye Candy” on Monday at 10e/7p.