Exclusive: ‘wreck-it ralph’ photos unlock ‘hero’s duty’

In “Wreck-It Ralph,” a character from the early days of arcades decides to cast off his role as a villain and look for his place in other video games. One of those games takes Ralph to the much darker present of electronic entertainment, and that game is “Hero’s Duty.” Explore the world of “Hero’s Duty” by clicking the image below.

As a part of the lead-up to “Wreck-It,” Movie Night is pleased to bring you these exclusive photos from Level 3: “Hero’s Duty,” an arcade shooter that combines familiar sci-fi action elements from games like “HALO” and “Metroid.” Suffice it to say, this is a much different game than what Ralph is used to.

In this world, Ralph meets a tough cast of characters, soldiers who have only known this type of game. There’s Sergeant Tamor Jean Calhoun, voiced by “Glee’s” Jane Lynch, is a no-nonsense marine, tasked with informing the player how to take down Cy-Bugs, the deadly insect villains of “Hero’s Duty.”

But since every game needs a goal, in “Hero’s Duty,” there is the Medal of Heroes. Guarded over by the appropriately named General Hologram, the Medal of Heroes rewards any player who has the grit to make it to the top of a 99-story tower.

In addition to the slick video game visuals of “Hero’s Duty,” the world will be getting an electronic sound to match, courtesy of Skrillex. Talking about his musical contribution to the video game world, the EDM artist said, “The mood of that game world is high-energy and futuristic. I make music with many different colors of the emotional spectrum—this reflects a more aggressive side of my music.”

Wreck-It Ralph” opens in theaters on November 2.

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