Exclusive: watch r. E. M. Perform ‘e-bow the letter’ at the bowery ballroom 16 years ago

MTV and R.E.M. have shared a long history together, both making a debut into the music industry the summer of ’81. Just over 30 years later, MTV has partnered with R.E.M. to bring that history to life with the release of REMTV.


REMTV is a six-DVD box set that includes two MTV Unplugged performances (1991 and 2001), award show highlights, television appearances, outtakes, and a new documentary telling the story of the band’s shared history with MTV titled, ‘R.E.M. by MTV’.

The box set is available for purchase on R.E.M.’s online store and below is a taste of the historical content featured in this collection. Watch R.E.M.’s live performance of ‘E-Bow The Letter’ featuring author Patti Smith at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC 16 years ago and just try not to place your order immediately after:

Disc One

Unplugged 1991

Outtakes 1991

Unplugged 2001

Outtakes 2001


Disc Two

VH1 Storytellers

Storytellers Outtakes

The Cutting Edge


MTV 10th Anniversary Special

Video Music Awards 1993

Video Music Awards 1995

European Music Awards 1998

European Music Awards 2001

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction 2007

The Colbert Report 2008


Disc Three

R.E.M. In Dallas

R.E.M. Uplink At Bowery Ballroom

Live In Cologne

Live In Cologne Outtakes


Disc Four

R.E.M. At The Tabernacle, London

MTV Sonic Milan

Rock AM Ring

Rock AM Ring Outtakes


Disc Five

Live At Rolling Stone, Milan

Live At Oxegen Festival

R.E.M. Live In Athens, Greece


Disc Six


Deleted Scenes