Exclusive: victoria justice confirms ben will be back

Monday night’s premiere of ‘Eye Candy‘ left viewers devastated and in shock when Lindy’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Ben was murdered by an obsessed cyber-stalker. Ben, played by Daniel Lissing, was a cop Lindy had met through her not-so-late days of trouble with the law and despite their differences, the two fell in love.

Following the episode that ended with Ben in a pool of his own blood, fans took to Twitter to express their heartbreak.

Lissing also chimed in tweeting, ‘Hope you enjoyed tonight! It’s a great series and you may be seeing ‘Ben’ in a later ep! Thanks for the love.’

We had the chance to chat with Victoria Justice about the surprise ending and the star shared her feelings on losing Ben this early in the series, ‘It was very shocking and sad when Ben died…It’s definitely important to the storyline in a way.’ Justice confirmed there would be more on the topic of her relationship with Ben in future episodes and Daniel Lissing (a.k.a. Ben) will definitely be back for some flashbacks, ‘There are going to be some Ben flashbacks so it’s not going to be the last time you’ll see him and you’ll also get to see more of what happened in the past in [Ben and Lindy’s] relationship and why they were kind of at odds at first and not speaking. You’ll just get different peeks into their relationship and how it kind of brings other things up. It’s a very, very interesting dynamic so you’ll just have to see what happens!’

So we don’t know when but at some point this season Ben will be back!

Check out a sneak peek of the next episode below and be sure to tune in to brand new episodes of ‘Eye Candy‘ Monday nights at 10e/7p on MTV!