Exclusive ‘star trek into darkness’ clip bubbles with teasers: watch now!

Spock is up to his Vulcan ears in lava in a new clip from “Star Trek Into Darkness.”

“MTV First” debuted an exclusive clip Wednesday (May 8) from the hotly anticipated sequel! Check it out below!

In the clip, Spock dangles above a mysterious (and volatile) alien landscape as Hikaru Sulu (John Cho) struggles to keep a shuttle pod steady. After Sulu insists that Spock abort the mission, the first officer offers a rebuttal tempered with predictable Vulcan logic.

“This is our only chance to save this species,” Spock observes. “If the volcano erupts, the planet dies.”

Eventually, Sulu and his co-pilot Uhura (Saldana) elect to pull out anyway, but their maneuver is too late: the cable holding Spock breaks, sending him flying toward the fiery, bubbling rock below.

Does Spock survive? You’ll have to wait and find out when the film hits theatres Thursday, May 16!

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