Exclusive ‘catching fire’ posters: meet wiress and beetee!

As MTV.com gears up to focus on all things Comic-Con-related, we’re excited to debut two exclusive character posters from one of the year’s most-anticipated films, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.”

The new images (these are two of the 11 debuted across the Internet) are being unveiled in advance of a July 20 panel at the San Diego event where fans will get to see new footage from the film and speak to stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. The panel will mark the first time “The Hunger Games” has invaded San Diego Comic-Con.


The first poster is for Wiress (Amanda Plummer), a former winner of the Hunger Games who Katniss (Lawrence) seeks as an ally. Appropriately, the new poster shows her suited up for competition. As in the film, Wiress is paired with Beetee (Jeffrey Wright), who won the Games with her and now is the only person who understands her cryptic manner of speaking. Plummer and Wright make their series debut with “Catching Fire” as tributes who were enlisted by Haymitch (Woody Harrelson) to protect Katniss and Peeta (Hutcherson) in the arena.

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The new characters posters aren’t the only fresh looks at “Catching Fire.” The other debuts come courtesy of Yahoo! (Katniss and Peeta), MSN (Johanna), Empire (Finnick and Mags), AOL (Brutus and Enobaria), and the Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex (Gloss and Cashmere). Head over to Lionsgate’s Capitol Facebook page for all the info about the 75th Quarter Quell (the special edition of the Hunger Games that takes place in “Catching Fire”) and follow the Capitol’s mandate to #CelebrateYourVictors.


“Catching Fire” is, of course, an adaptation of the second book in Suzanne Collins’ massively successful sci-fi series, about a young woman in a dystopian future whose victory in the Hunger Games sets off a revolution. Francis Lawrence (“Water For Elephants”) takes over directing duties from Gary Ross, working from a script by Simon Beaufoy and Michael Arndt. Liam Hemsworth, Elizabeth Banks, Sam Claflin, Jena Malone, Donald Sutherland, Stanley Tucci and Philip Seymour Hoffman also star in the film.