Will ex on the beach’s cameron and shanley officially ‘crush’ on each other?

Jordana Ossad

From exes licking whipped cream to “the hot dog may have went in to the bun.”

The latter food reference is Cameron’s take on what unfolded with his ex Shanley during this week’s Ex on the Beach episode. But how did these two Are You the One? alums go from platonic pals to “friends with benefits”? A good ol’ game of Dare or Double Dare — and Shanley sucking/kissing the sweet treat out of Cam’s mouth (as he laid on his back on a coffee table).

“Whatever is happening right there is very cool,” Marco stated about the two, who at that point, were making out.

From there, Shameron — who have had undeniable sexual tension since she came to Hawaii to show him “what he’s been missing” — made their way to the Boom Boom Room the couch. And at that location, he “may or may not have put the spaghetti in the donut.”

“We are officially friends with benefits,” Shanley confirmed about their hookup (and, according to Jasmine, the two hadn’t had sex before coming to Hawaii).

The next morning, they rehashed what happened.

“Who was I last night?” Shanley posed.

“I don’t know. You know you couldn’t resist, so…” he jokingly replied.

“That whipped cream got me frisky,” she added.

“It was pretty dope. We slept for like four hours. I mean, we were on the couch for hours,” he stated.

“Don’t give yourself that much credit,” Shanley replied.

Their time on the beach is coming to a close — so are these two a Perfect Match? Will they give each other a Crush at the final ceremony — or will they opt to go home alone? Do not miss the finale of Ex on the Beach on Thursday at 10e/7p.