Even more mayhem up ahead on “battle of the seasons” [video]

The moment we heard Hurricane Frank was cast on “Battle of the Seasons,” we knew there would be fireworks to come, and we have to say, the San Diego teammate has certainly not disappointed. But if you thought he exhausted his penchant for the dramatic, we assure you there are blowups to come, and in the below mid-season trailer, Dustin, Sam and Alton seem to be on the receiving end of some particularly potent Frankouts. Prep your armor, friends–that storm is relentless.

How might the second half of the season go for the rest of the cast? Usually headstrong Marie is reduced to tears, collegiate athlete Zach finds himself in a moment of defeat and… ostriches abound! Plus, in “Challenge” fashion, the finish line will be crossed somewhere completely unexpected and–by the looks of things–on a completely different continent. So, who will brave sandstorms to be crowned the show’s winners, and who are the next players to be tossed out of the competition? You might think you know, but we assure you–you do not.

Check out the clip, and tell us which team you’re rooting for!