An emoji movie is coming and now we’re all screamy face clap hands clap hands

Who needs dialogue when you’ve got adorable little cartoon faces and critters to do all the talking for you? This is the world that we live in now for better or for worse, and Hollywood is finally catching up to the symbol-slinging society of now with an Emoji movie.

Yes, you read that right.

Per Deadline, Sony is now in the process of developing an Emoji movie, after outbidding Warner Bros. and Paramount for the story pitched by the project’s co-writer and director Anthony Leondis.

And we’re kind of glad this is happening because we’ve been harboring quite a few questions about this catalog of cute characters that we sure hope the movie can answer for us.

1. Are these inexplicable emoji characters subtle references to “The Hunger Games” or what?

Three Finger Salute Parachute

The internet tells us that three-pronged green thingermajig is not a cactus wannabe but is actually a Japanese New Year’s decoration, and that the half balloon thing with a tag hanging down is some kind of wind chime. But all we can see is an alien three-finger salute and a parachute present from the sponsors mid-arena.

2. Did the red faced emoji guys ever have a wicked facial hair contest?

Red Face Emojis

We’re assuming they must know each other and are probably related, but we don’t know who we’d vote for. They’re both just killing the game. In other news, do you think there’s any chance they could maybe introduce us to those guys from “Where the Wild Things Are?” ’Cause they seem pretty fun too.

3. Is Catherine Zeta Jones actually the faceless dancing lady IRL?

Catherine Zeta Jones Dancing Lady

We kind of need this one to be true.

4. Are these Vaudeville dancer twins auditioning for something?

Dancing Emoji

’Cause, um, they’d be PERFECT for the “Sweet Valley High” reboot.

5. What is on this poor guy’s mind?

Bowing Guy Emoji

They could actually just make the whole movie about this guy, and we’d probably watch. He’s supposed to be bowing in great respect for whoever, but all we see is a surprised no-mouth man with much on his mind. We think his name is Fred.

6. The REAL story of the pink-shirted lady.

Emoji Lady

If you watch this lady’s emojis play out in sequence, it’s kind of an effed up situation. She starts out all “Yay, makeover party! Hey, Macarena!” She gets her hair done, a manicure, the works. Annnnnd then she gets married and it’s Bummer City. Tell us what happened, gal. We’re all ears.