Eminem and 50 cent continue to prove they are rap’s dynamic duo

Eminem and 50 Cent may not be together as much as they once were, but that doesn’t mean their friendship has suffered. Instead, it seems like it’s just as strong as ever.

On Monday night at a New York movie premiere for “Southpaw,” Fif posted a photo with his mentor, explaining why they’re still a dynamic duo.

“Somethings never change, you know, like real friendship,” 50 captioned the photo. “I only needed a shot and he gave it to me. I love Em. He said, ’I see you doing big things. I’m still your favorite white boy right?’ LMAO. I almost fell out.”

In another photo, 50 explained how Eminem continues to inspire him. “Every time we kick it, Em says some sh-t that makes me love music again,” he explained.

After seeing them reunited, we decided to look back at some pivotal moments in Em and 50’s friendship. Here’s a look at 19 times they gave us #FriendshipGoals.

1. When 50 First Called Em His Favorite White Boy On ’Patiently Waiting’

2. When They Pranked Lloyd Banks Together

3. When 50 Reminisced About His Recording Sessions With Slim

4. When Fif Explained How Much He Appreciates Eminem

5. When They Linked Up With Dr. Dre For ’Crack A Bottle’

6. When They Joined Forces With Nate Dogg For ’Never Enough’

7. When They Enlisted Lloyd Banks For ’Don’t Push Me’

8. When They Teamed Up For ’You Don’t Know’

9. When They Acted As ’Gatman & Robbin’

10. When They Went ’Psycho’ Together

11. When They Told Us It Was Time To Hate Them Again On ’Jimmy Crack Corn’

12. When They Rapped Over Beatboxing On ’The Re-Up’

13. When They Teamed Up With Obie Trice On ’Love Me’

14. When They ’Moved As Assassins’ On ’We All Die One Day’

15. When Em Remixed ’Ski Mask Way’

16. When They Did ’My Life’ With Adam Levine

17. When They Invited Us To The ’My Life’ Set

18. When They Went To The ’03 VMAs Like True Homies

NEW YORK - AUGUST 28:  50 Cent (L) congratulates Eminem for receiving the award for Best Video From A Film during the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall on August 28, 2003 in New York City.  (Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty Images)

19. When They Rolled Like Bosses At The Shady National Convention In ’04

Eminem, 50 Cent and Dr. Dre (Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage for Sirius Satellite Radio )