Embarrassing parent moment: this meddling mom will try to catch her son’s ‘catfish’

Most parents would do anything for their kids, and evidently, nailing down their sons’ or daughters’ mysterious online dates is no exception.

On the next episode of “Catfish,” a mother of four named Aurora from Fort Worth, Texas will write in to Nev and Max on behalf of her 18-year-old son Steven. Steven, she explains, has never been in love but has recently fallen for his online crush Samm, who lives in California. Aurora’s terrified that her son’s setting himself up for sincere heartbreak, but as far as Nev’s concerned, Steven will likely be more humiliated over his mother’s meddling.

“On the scale of embarrassing mom moments, having your mom write in to a television show ranks pretty high,” the sleuth says in the sneak peek below.

But, after a giggle, Nev and Max consider a harsh possibility: Could Aurora potentially be setting up her own son? After all, Steven had been duped once before, and it’s entirely possible that Aurora’s trying to trick her son as a means of discipline.

“Samm could be the mom teaching her son a lesson,” Max offers.

Think Aurora could be getting the best of her own flesh and blood? Check out the clip, and be sure to tune in to “Catfish” — the last new episode until July 8 — on Wednesday at 10e/7p!