Dustin’s ‘challenge’ confession: i went to hell and back for a shot at some mickey d’s

Sometimes, when hunger strikes, it can develop into a force more powerful than gravity itself, and when a craving for some fast food overcame Dustin during a recent “Challenge” outing, he threw caution to the wind for a shot at the Golden Arches. On “Battle of the Seasons,” Dustin risked life and limb to sneak to McDonald’s after a mission, but in the “Challenge Confessions” clip below, he admits his attempt to James Bond his way to a Big Mac didn’t go exactly as planned.

“I dressed in all black, I tried to army-crawl my way out of the house and into some production car, which epically failed because they’re smart people and lock all their cars,” the “Free Agent” cast member shares. “And then I got caught hanging out under a bus somewhere and got in a bunch of trouble.” Not since Jenny of “Real World: Ex-Plosion” yanked a hot dog out of her purse have we seen someone so committed to getting a little grub. Here’s hoping dreams of McNuggets were enough to satisfy Dustin through the “BOTS” finale!

Listen to how Dustin’s hopes were dashed, kick back with more “Challenge Confessions” and stay tuned for the “Free Agents” premiere next Thursday, April 10 at 10e/7p!