Dunbar on his ‘rival’ tyrie: ‘i never knew the guy didn’t like me’ [video]

When Dunbar first arrived in Thailand for “Rivals II” and found out his partner was Tyrie, his first reaction was confusion — he had no idea they were ever at odds, and has never actually spoken to Tyrie outside of the game. “I never knew the guy didn’t like me,” he begins in the interview below, which was filmed right before the game got underway. “I don’t even know his last name,” he later adds.

A decent amount of time has passed since their apparently one-sided tiff dating back to “The Island,” and Tyrie claims to have matured since then, saying he’s let go of his “salty” jealousy over Dunbar’s beginner’s luck and is actually looking forward to being teamed up with a previous champion. “All I can really do is carry my weight and make sure he knows that I’m here to win.” Still, Dunbar’s not sold on his partner’s ability or drive, because, though he’s built like an athlete, he’s never seen Tyrie pull through and snag a win.

Check out the video, and tell us whether you think Dunrie has a shot!