Drake made ‘know yourself’ for this magic moment: watch here

Toronto pride is peppered all over Drake’s latest project, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. From “6 God” to “6 Man” to “You & the 6,” Aubrey shouts out his hometown — by using his shorthand for it — on song titles and lyrics throughout.

There’s maybe no greater anthemic moment on the release, though, than “Know Yourself” — and, specifically, when Drizzy emphatically chants about “running through the 6 with my woes.” Everyday, people all over the world are singing this exact line, applying it to themselves and their location and their friends — even when they’re not actually in T. Dot.

So can you imagine how thousands of fans who actually are running through the 6 with their woes would act if Drake performed that song and line live in front of them?

On Tuesday night, during a stop on the Jungle Tour, we found out. And the answer is that they absolutely lose their sh-t.

Yeah, they sang every word. But when it came to “running through the 6″… Whoa.

Drake also shared some pics from the evening. Sure looks like he was happy to be home.

Things started with a nice welcome spread on Monday.

And on the night of the show, the fans were going nuts…

…for the man of the hour

Next up, on Friday, Drake is bringing his act to New York for Governors Ball.