Dr. Dre and apple founder steve jobs go way back, check this 10-year-old clip

There are still so many questions surrounding Apple’s proposed acquisition of Beats Electronics. Will the alleged $3.2 billion dollar deal make company co-founder Dr. Dre hip-hop’s first billionaire? Will Dre and Jimmy Iovione take on senior positions at Apple? Will we get some cool, high-powered headphones with the iPhone 6?

While we play the waiting game, let’s go back to that one time that Dre and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs hooked up on iChat about 10 years ago to discuss the launch of iTunes, the iPod and of course Detox.

“When can we get it on the store,” Jobs asked Dre of his long-awaited LP, before the legendary music producer answered with a laugh: “As soon as possible.”

Well, we’re still waiting on Detox, but can’t help to think that this short convo helped foreshadow just a little bit of where we are now.