Don’t try this at home: “buckwild” gun shootin’, trash sleddin’ and tattoo gettin’

“WARNING: This show features wild and crazy behaviour that could result in serious personal injury or property damage. MTV and the producers insist that no one attempt to recreate or re-enact any activity performed.” Sound familiar? Each week, we’re bringing you the most insane stunts pulled on “BUCKWILD” to serve as a warning to impressionable young souls: Don’t try this at home. Especially the following…

DON’T play with guns, even of the potato variety. After Shae finally kicked Jesse J. to the gutter, she wanted to release some pent-up aggression, but instead of hitting up a kickboxing class like every other heartbroken chick in America, she de-stressed by shooting up perfectly good containers of Cheetos and Sunkist. That’s right, the gang played a makeshift version of Duck Hunt using real-life rifles–an activity that is so dangerous it called for a warning within the warning: The misuse of guns can lead to damaging consequences. To learn more about this issue and how to stay safe, head to Noted. And definitely DON’T pull a Salwa by firing in four-inch heels.

DON’T go sleddin’ on the back of a four-wheeler. Shain, the king of borderline death-defying ideas, came up with the grand plan to make sledding a year-round sport. Sledding on trashcan lids when there’s snow on the ground isn’t unusual (we’ve all done it, don’t judge), but how does one do such a thing on the grass? Why, you tie a lid to the back of an ATV, of course! Just don’t say we didn’t warn you when you tumble headfirst into the back of the vehicle because the driver slammed on the brakes to avoid turning a bunny into roadkill.

DON’T get a tattoo that you may regret later. Think before you ink. After the big breakup, Shae and her über-supportive besties, Cara and Ashley, agreed to get the acronym N.P.S. permanently drawn on various body parts. Meaning “No P**sy S**t,” we assume it can only serve as a reminder to be strong and stand up for yourself (right?). Demi Lovato certainly had the right idea, but N.P.S.? Good luck explaining that to your future kiddos, girls. “Um…it stands for Nice Purple Socks, Junior.”

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