‘don’t look back’: what we learned from the degrassi special

Allison Bowsher
Don't Look Back Recap

The school year may be over on Degrassi, but that means the summer is here and things are heating up. Girls are going missing, Zoe is caught in a surprising love triangle, Frankie’s new job costs her more than she bargained for, and Maya is a taco. Seriously.

Find out what happened on the Degrassi special ‘Don’t Look Back’ below!

It’s the hottest summer on record and Tristan has decide to heat up the internet and become famous online by posting vlogs. But what is there to talk about? How about everything. Here’s what happened to the students of Degrassi this summer according to a very dramatic Tristan.


Maya is hoping to become a lifeguard wit Zig and Tiny, but she fails to pass her rescue test on fellow trainee Gloria. Maya isn’t worried, because the job she really wants is working as a babysitter for Music Producer Jordyn Kincade.


Too bad for Maya, she gives vlogger Gloria an idea and Gloria gets the job over Maya.


This leaves Maya with only one suitable employment option – dressing as a taco and handing out flyers for Lola’s parents Mexican restaurant.


To add insult to injury, Maya runs into Gloria at the beach with Jordyn’s kids and Gloria is busy flirting with Zig. Maya unleashes her inner Mean Girl on Gloria and grabs Zig, storming away as much as a human taco can storm.


Maya decides to enlist Lola’s help and the two perform a spell to get Gloria out of Maya’s life. The spell works even faster than Maya thought it could and she gets a call from Jordyn, telling her that she needs Maya to fill in for Gloria, who didn’t show up for work.


Maya is ecstatic to get the job and get one step closer to having Jordyn as her music mentor, but the Kincade kids aren’t as happy to see Maya instead of Gloria. They tell Maya their condo building used to be an insane asylum and convince her to play with the Ouija board. Okay Maya, in addition to failing lifeguarding, you should probably fail a babysitting course too for letting kids try to invoke spirits.


Zig comes by to pick Maya up, but Jordyn still isn’t home and Maya is terrified there are ghosts. The two follow a scary voice and end up getting locked in the pantry, only to be rescued by Jordyn, who isn’t happy Maya invited her boyfriend over. Oh, and the condo used to be a pencil factory. Terrifying!


Frankie is also struggling with her summer job at City Hall. She breaks a heel on her way to work and is offered a ride by a strange man in a van. Frankie hides in an alley and ends up late to work, looking like the spoiled daughter of the Mayor.


The rest of the interns make their contempt for Frankie known, so she tries to win them over by crashing a birthday party for one of the interns and bringing a gift basket. When that doesn’t work, Frankie gets drunk and throws up all over her mom later that night.


Mr. Hollingsworth finds out that his 15 year old daughter was given alcohol and makes all the interns spend the day painting over graffiti. Frankie orders an ice cream truck to apologize, but just ends up looking like the rich kid again. She eventually makes friends with Logan, one of the interns, and tells him her plan to raise money for priority neighborhoods. He finally stops seeing her as the Mayor’s daughter and even shows Frankie the area he grew up in, which is one of the areas in need. While they’re walking around, Logan gets a text from his friend that Logan’s girlfriend Gloria, the same one that took Maya’s job, is missing.


Hunter is taking science in summer school in the hopes of graduating early, while Tristan and Zoe are there after not passing the first time. Tristan grabs Hunter as his lab partner, hoping the Grade 9 student will be a braniac, leaving Zoe to partner with Grace. She’s there to improve her already good grade and reluctantly agrees to be Zoe’s partner.


The class is being taught by Mr. Bane, the same man that tried to give Frankie a ride earlier in the day. Should we be creeped out? I think we’re supposed to be creeped out.


Zoe keeps looking to Grace for all the answer, so Grace pretends to zap Zoe’s brain to stimulate thought. Zoe thinks it works, but in reality, Grace just gave her the confidence to study. Either way, Zoe gets her first ‘A’ in science thanks to Grace.


Tristan is worried that Mr. Bane only gave Zoe a good grade because he’s interested in her, so to prove him wrong, Zoe flirts with Mr. Bane. He not only ignores her advances, but he also tells Zoe she can’t join in the extra-curricular trips to the woods anymore because of her reputation.


Zoe is upset and tells Grace, who suggests Zoe explain the situation to Mr. Bane. But when they look for him in his office, they find pictures of Gloria.


Zoe and Grace break into Mr. Bane’s truck later that day and find a stack of pictures of missing girls. They escape without him seeing them, but Zoe has left her bracelet in the car. They call the police and tell them about Mr. Bane, but the police don’t find any evidence linking him to Gloria.


Frankie also calls the police, hoping she can help Logan find Gloria. She tells them about the man who tried to give her a ride, but the police think the person that took Gloria was a new guy she was seeing.


Frankie doesn’t know whether to tell Logan about the other guy. They’ve been spending a lot of time together, with Logan joining Frankie and Winston on trivia night and walking Frankie home after work.


Frankie eventually tells Logan, who doesn’t believe Gloria would cheat on him. While they’re talking, Logan gets a video text from Gloria. She’s scared and tells Logan that the people who kidnapped her want $10,000. They’ll hurt her if he goes to the police, so Logan turns to the Mayor’s daughter and asks Frankie for the money.


She doesn’t have enough, but with Hunter’s birthday money as well, she is able to give Logan $10,000. Damn. That’s a lot for a dude Frankie barely knows.


Miles was hoping to hang out with Zoe this summer, but she’s spending all her time with her new bestie Grace. Miles points out to Zoe that Grace is probably in love with her, but Zoe tells him he’s crazy. Instead, she thinks she may be in love with Grace.


To prove to herself that she’s still into guys, Zoe accepts Miles’ offer to take her out on his boat. They have a good time, but Zoe is still thinking of Grace.


Grace is hurt that Zoe ditched her to hang out with Miles, but Zoe is still able to convince Grace to go with them to the Full Moon Festival. Everyone is getting along until Miles and Zoe start making out. Feeling like a third wheel, Grace tries to leave, but Zoe suggests the two of them kiss as well. Grace isn’t interested in being used by Zoe and takes off.


Maya is trying to balance her time between Zig and her job, but with Jordyn in the studio all the time, Maya is constantly cancelling dates with Zig and he’s not impressed. The last straw comes with Maya brings the kids to the Zombie Run on Zig’s day off. She apologizes, but he is fed up and leaves.


Maya’s day gets even worse when the little girl runs off. Maya eventually finds her and realizes that Jordyn’s kids feel like they come in second to their mom’s job.
Maya tries talking to Jordyn later about spending more time with her kids, but not surprisingly, Jordyn isn’t interested in taking parenting advice from a teenager and fires Maya.


Maya is drowning her sorrows in salsa at Lola’s Cantina when she spots Gloria across the street. She rushes to the beach to tell Zig and Tiny, but they’re not interested in helping. All Zig wants is a promise from Maya that she’ll be at the Full Moon Festival that night. Maya promises, but when she spots Gloria again that afternoon and follows her, Maya is quickly kidnapped and placed in a locked room with Gloria. Maya is desperate to get out, but Gloria seems to have given up hope. She tells Maya that no one cares if she’s missing, but Maya quickly informs her that the kids she was babysitting love Gloria.


With Maya not showing up to the Full Moon Festival and Gloria still missing, Zig is officially panicked. He calls everyone together to start a search party and Grace even accepts Zoe’s invite, explaining that she’s just there to find Maya. Frankie remembers the video of Gloria that Logan showed her and Tristan matches the room to the place where Gloria films her vlogs. Grace and Zoe science the hell out of focal points and the CN tower and figure out exactly where Gloria and Maya are being held. Frankie thinks they should rush over there, but Winston is the voice of reason and calls the police instead.


Maya has come up with a plan to escape, but when their kidnapper rushes into the room, the plan falls apart. Logan and Gloria have staged the kidnapping to get money from Frankie, but Gloria is having cold feet. Logan wants to dump Maya’s body in the woods, but thankfully the police arrive before that happens. Logan and Gloria are sent to Juvenile Hall and Frankie tries to apologize to Winston for getting so involved with Logan.


Although Frankie gave Winston a second chance, he’s not interested in extending the same courtesy and breaks up with Frankie.


Zoe and Miles are still hanging out, but Zoe’s mind is with Grace.


She decides to act on her instinct and delivers a surprising kiss to Grace. Zoe tells Grace to not say anything and take the week before school to think about whether she wants to be with Zoe. I’m thinking Zace is a cool ship name.


Zig is ecstatic to have Maya back safe and sound and he isn’t the only one that’s happy to see her.


Jordyn realized that Maya was right and offers Maya a job working in her studio so that Jordyn can spend more time at home with her kids.


And Tristan probably became internet famous.