Does jenna still have a shot with matty? [sneak peek]

Palos Hills has certainly seen brighter days. Not only did Jenna end things with Matty by cheating on him with Collin, even the unstoppable Jakara fell apart after a heated debate! And without Val’s, might we say wise¬†advice, there’s no one left to council the students of Palos Hills High!¬†Fortunately, things can only go wrong for so long…

Jenna may have been too late to save Val from being booted out of office, but on last week’s episode of ‘Awkward.‘ we finally started to see the old Jenna again! After realizing Collin was a total ass, Jenna decided it was time to make things right with the people she loves. From the looks of the trailer below, it won’t be as easy as she’d hoped.

Since the Jatty breakup, Matty started seeing someone else, but after a late night Jenna rescue it seems his new flame doesn’t think he’s over it, and after inviting Jenna to hang, she’s starting to think the same.

Could Jatty be back on or is Jenna getting way ahead of herself? Check out the trailer below and don’t miss an all-new episode of ‘Awkward.‘ tonight at 10:30e/7:30p only on MTV!