Does a well-intentioned ‘catfish’ like gladys deserve a pass?

We thought we’d seen it all on “Catfish,” but Season 2 threw us a curve ball straight out of the gate: the introduction of the elusive benevolent online liar! Gladys threw our moral compasses all out of whack when she admitted to duping her best friend, Cassie, but only to help Cassie nip her destructive habits in the bud. So, we have to ask: Does Gladys’ deceit, which was rooted in genuine concern, deserve a pass?

Shortly after meeting Nev and Max, Cassie recounted the painful story of her father’s murder, and how it sent her down a dangerous path lined with drugs, alcohol and casual sex. Gladys told the guys that Cassie had previously been a good girl on the straight and narrow, but once she became a hardcore partier, any efforts to pull her back were mostly in vain — even an intervention with Cassie’s mother was ineffective. However, once Cassie met Gladys’ “Steve,” things changed, and Gladys’ finally had her old friend back. Cassie was pissed when she found out her FIANCÉ was a fake, but after she cooled down, she admitted that “Steve” helped her change for the better — and that meant it was ultimately thanks to Gladys.

Tell us what you think! Was Gladys’ plan justified, or was it the same ol’ stuff from Season 1?