Doctors should not dress like betty boop for halloween, carly of ‘girl code’ advises [video]

To all kids who want to be a four-foot-tall vegetable for Halloween, we say: Be our guest. But if you spend the workday slicing into vestigial organs in the ER, keep your scrubs on, says Carly Aquilino. Never one to censor her opinions, the “Girl Code” comedienne gives medical professionals and other types of authoritative figures the low-down on appropriate Halloween protocol in the video below, and it essentially boils down to NOT LOOKING LIKE AN IDIOT.

“If I’m going in to get surgery and you’re dressed up as Betty Boop…or you’re dressed up like a big pickle? I don’t want you touching me,” Carly says, staunchly opposed to being at the mercy of any doctor who’s got too much holiday spirit. It might be fun to get all ghoulish, she admits, but dress codes are in place for a reason. So…we shouldn’t be headed to our 2 p.m. meeting looking like Darth Vader? Whoops…

Watch the clip, stay tuned for more Halloween tips from Carly and be sure to check her out when “Girl Code” Season 2 premieres on October 30 at 10e/7p!