Dnce’s ‘toothbrush’ video takes you inside joe jonas’s bedroom

Following the beachside ruckus of their “Cake By the Ocean” video, DNCE are back with a decidedly more romantic clip that takes us behind Joe Jonas’s bedroom doors.

 The frontman and supermodel Ashley Graham get extra cozy in the “Toothbrush” vid, as Jonas sings about a budding relationship and their morning-after-the-night-before antics. Shot mostly in soft light, we see the couple tangled up in the sheets and pillow-fighting, interspersed with shots of DNCE playing on a rooftop at sunset. Basically, it’ll give you major #SummerRelationshipGoals, and make you ship Joe and Ashley… hard.

“Toothbrush” is the second single from DNCE’s debut EP, SWAAY.