Dj pauly d says first meeting with daughter amabella ‘was amazing’

Pauly D‘s ready to take parenting head on! The DJ stunned “Jersey Shore” fans last month when he confirmed he was the father of an adorable little girl named Amabella, and now that he’s had his first face-to-face meeting with his daughter, he told Us Weekly that he’s already working on nurseries in both his home state of Rhode Island and his current homestead, Las Vegas.

Though the still single PD told the mag he doesn’t plan on putting the breaks on wooing women just yet, by the sound of things, no lady will ever compare to his Amabella. “[Meeting her] was amazing.” he said. “She came right over to me and put her arms right up to me…grabbed my hair! That’s the first thing she went for.” Well, if that doesn’t solidify her as her father’s daughter, we don’t know what does! And to really drive the point home, Pauly’s already gotten a head start on some DelVecchio-approved Christmas gifts for his little one.

“I got her a ton of Jordans already to match me,” he said. “She’s going to be a fresh little girl.” The freshest! Did we call the baby kicks or what?