Dj khaled brings out the jet ski – and nicki minaj, future, and more – for ‘do you mind’

You would think that DJ Khaled would steer clear of riding jet skis and breaking hearts, but his new video for “Do You Mind” features both of those activities — and a ton of famous faces, too.

For the Major Key track’s video, DJ Khaled assembles all of his collaborators — Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Future, Rick Ross, August Alsina, and Jeremih — for a lavish spread of pool party fun, high times, quality time in the garden with some gorgeous roses, a romantic serenade from Khaled at the piano, and more.

Nicki is safe from the wake of Khaled’s jet ski in a luxury high rise for her verses, but she fits right in with the rest of the guys and their revelry as they walk on water (sort of), bask in opulence, and keep up with the luxe vibes of Khaled’s last production, his collab with Nas, “Nas Album Done.”

Apparently the key to keeping a relationship intact — and getting a veritable crew of hip-hop greats to come hang out — is to fan yourself with hundos, stay close to the pool, and keep it romantic.