Dj khaled and nardwuar are an odd, delightful pairing

Every DJ Khaled interview has, at the very least, relatively high entertainment value: His personality is too big for any other outcome. Meanwhile, every Nardwuar interview is both unusual and illuminating: He’s too quirky and well-researched for anything else to be the case.

So when these two got together at SXSW recently, you could’ve guess the outcome. You don’t have to guess, though, because you can just watch it below.

Nardwuar does his usual schtick (I say that lovingly), handing over old vinyl records and making typically unpublicized statements about his subjects’ past, giving them the opportunity to respond to each. Khaled, meanwhile, is up to his typical antics, preaching positivity and a consistent grind.

The results include, but are not limited to:

-Stories about Khaled putting mixtapes in sneakers when he worked at Champs Sports
-The name he went by, before DJ Khaled
-Life as a busboy
-How studio temperature affects voice (“When it gets warm, your voice sounds ICONIC”)
-Sleeping in a car while “chasing” a girlfriend two decades ago
-Khaled saying, “YOU KNOW A LOT” over and over, and warning (warmly), “You getting too deep,” when he asked about family