These amazing disney tattoos will make you want to ink up right now

So, you’re a Disney fan. You had all the movies even when they were on VHS — still do, in fact, and you’ve kept your old VHS player safe from the yard sale pile just in case you ever need to re-watch your old copy of “Lady in the Tramp” in old-school analog. We feel you.

Or perhaps you’re one who’s made the pilgrimage to Disney World or Land at least half a dozen times, and you have all the soundtracks tucked away in a special playlist for a rainy day when you can blast ’em out and re-live your childhood, one life-changing lyric after the next. MAYBE you even cosplayed as the Seven Dwarves with your pals one time when it wasn’t Halloween — and you weren’t 11 anymore. Respect.

But you’re still not as fanatical as these guys.

These 33 people have made their obsession with the House of Mouse super permanent with some gnarly body motifs that’ll make you seriously pine for some emblematic Disney homages of your own.

1. Here are your new “Star Wars: Episode VIII” stars.

2. This “Beauty and the Beast” tat makes us want the artist to be our guest.

3. Meanwhile, old school Mickey is taking a selfie at the Magic Kingdom, which means he’s breaking his own rules. Huzzah!

4. This “Aristocats” design is just purrrr-fect.

5. We always wondered if Simba, Tigger, and the Chesire Cat could ever be friends IRL. Answer? Yes.

6. This was a “Brave” choice, but it sure does improve on the tribal design trend.

7. This “Bambi” design is adorably abstract.

8. Our hearts are soaring for this “Up” art.

9. Whoever got this Ursula tat is so not a “Poor Unfortunate Soul.”

10. Clever way to unlock our nostalgic feels.

11. And this “The Little Mermaid” design gives us major #SleeveGoals.

12. Yayyy for Vanellope von Sweetz getting some love!

13. And it’s a “Golden Afternoon” indeed for whoever gets to sport this badass “Alice In Wonderland” art right now.

14. The “Toy Story” galaxy was well repped with this sweet design.

15. And whoever gave Lady Tremaine and Frollo some love deserves a furball from Lucifer (the cat).

16. As far as we know, no one’s reimagined the Disney Princesses without faces, bottoms or arms, so this gets many points for originality.

17. And we want this silhouetted Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian.

18. Cruella de Vil, Ursula, the Evil Queen and Maleficent are leg-fellows in this wraparound piece.

19. See if you can figure out all the characters being repped here in this word art design.

20. Rafiki’s Simba drawing FINALLY gets some love.

21. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!

22. “Pocahontas” teaches us some key lessons about environmentalism.

23. Hakuna Matata. What a wonderful phrase.

24. This Cheshire Cat design makes us smile.

25. We can feel the love tonight with this “Lion King” sleeve mash-up.

26. This one kinda looks like someone made Ariel into a meal, but we’re still digging it.

27. Rexxxx!

28. This is the Tao of Dory, legit.

29. The face is Spot. On.

30. This “Peter Pan” theme is applicable to everyone. Let’s all get one to match?

31. Your next BFF tat, everyone.

32. We’d use one of our wishes for this sweet Genie tribute.

33. This “Fantasia” mash-up with “Harry Potter” is so magically YES.