Reimagining disney princesses with body hair is actually historically accurate

It’s clearly the summer of Disney reimaginings, with artists giving princesses modern twists, shorter hair, and mermaid tails. And the season is still in full swing, as Katie Corvino from Buzzfeed imagined what these lovely princesses would look like with realistic body hair.

Now, keep in mind, most of these princesses lived in a time before plucking, tweezing, and shaving were even a thing. In fact, most women in the U.S. didn’t groom their body hair until 1915, when fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar showed a woman in a sleeveless dress with her arms over her head. (Before that, women didn’t really show their arms in public.) That started the notion that body hair on a woman was unseemly — especially on cartoon princesses.

Take a look at all 9 princesses below, much hairier than you probably remember them.

1. Ariel


2. Pocohantas


Why would the most natural Disney Princess ever think she would need to shave anything?

3. Mulan


4. Aurora


When would’ve Aurora threaded her brows, you know, since she was completely unconscious for years?

5. Jasmine


6. Belle


7. Rapunzel


Like … she is by definition the hairiest princess, right?

8. Cinderella


9. Snow White

snow copy

Lately, natural body hair activists like Miley Cyrus have been calling for us to quit thinking armpit hair is a trend and start calling it a reality. Regardless of your thoughts on body hair, hopefully these reimaginings keep coming! They’re always food for thought, aren’t they?

H/T Buzzfeed