Diem and aneese get ready for the final jungle [sneak peek]

Tonight’s the night! We’re finally going to get to see which team will be joining Cooke & Cara Maria, and Paula & Emily to compete in the ‘Rivals II’ final for a shot at the big money!

If you’re not up to speed — Diem and Aneesa came in last place for the challenge ‘True Colours‘ sending themselves straight into the final jungle. Voted in by the guys to compete against them were Jemmye and Camila, up for their second jungle of the season. Jemmye and Camila proved themselves jungle-strong when they beat out Theresa and Jasmine, sending the girls packing while leaving the rest shaking.

Diem and Aneesa go in for their first ‘Rivals II” jungle but not their first jungle in the history of ‘The Challenge.’ The girls fight hard and always seem to make it to the end, but both have a history of breaking down at the last minute. Now it all comes down to who has the strongest team and at this point it could go either way.

Who do you think will win in the final jungle? Check out the nail-biting sneak peek below and tune-in to an all-new ‘Rivals II‘ tonight at 10e/7p on MTV!