Did the ‘rivals ii’ victors deserve their handsome reward?


The Challenge” has seen one or two Cinderella stories over the years, and some underdogs have certainly had their days in the sun, but that wasn’t exactly the case on tonight’s “Rivals II” finale. While EmilyPaulaWes and CT basked in the glow of their championship checks, T.J. proclaimed that the two strongest teams won fair and square. CT finally got his gold medal elephant statue, Emily broke her third-place curse and Wes and Paula got their first Ws in a long while. Still, the other two teams worked their asses off, and some might say they deserved to win for their determination alone.

From Cooke’s first day in Thailand, her back was against the wall. Her partner, Naomi, quit and she was subsequently forced into a partnership with one of the game’s most targeted players, not to mention her status as an expendable rookie. Still, she and Cara Maria fought tooth and nail through many a Jungle, and with an eleventh-hour win and an early lead in the final, the Bad News Bears had a solid shot at taking home the prize. Were you just a little sad to see their mighty efforts not pay off?

And for all Frank and Johnny‘s Twitter-drama, they really did develop into one of the game’s most functional teams over the course of the season. Frank stayed tough for his teammate when Johnny’s old-man syndrome kicked in, and Johnny helped Frank reel in his temper when his emotions got the better of him. Would you have rather seen them win the cash than the often smug Wes and sly CT?

There’s no doubt that Paumily and Wes and CT were worthy of their wins, but do you think their opponents were even more deserving? Sound off in the comments!