Did dunbar and tyrie ever stand a chance of surviving ‘rivals ii’? [video]

For every guy that’s awarded the gold medal at a race’s end, there are a few lesser beings he had to steamroll en route. And though some of those opponents might put up a good fight, there are others, like Dunbar and Tyrie, that can always be counted on to lay down and take it. At least, that’s what Kenny Santucci claims in the “Rivals II” Screening Room clip below, which includes his floor-scraping placement of Dunrie on the “Challenge” talent spectrum. So if you put your money on the team that was birthed on “The Island,” Mr. Beautiful and Jessimae Peluso are here to tell you that was a critical error.

“I guess nobody who falls asleep on a toilet can really win much at life,” “Girl Code” standout Jessimae says after viewing an instant replay of the guys’ Jungle elimination. Kenny says the blame for Team Maroon’s loss to Derek and Robb rests squarely on Dunbar — and actually credits Tyrie for putting up a decent fight — but calls the team “pathetic,” anyway, and says the two burly dudes are “all bark and no bite.”

“If it wasn’t for people like Dunbar, I wouldn’t seem so amazing,” he concludes. We’re sure Dunbar will just love hearing that, ‘Tooch.

Check out the video, and tell us if you think the perpetual bottom-of-the-totem-poles will ever have their moments in the sun!