Devyn’s ‘challenge’ confession: big easy served me breakfast while i was naked

For all of the “Challenge” flings we never saw coming, no couple caught us off guard quite like Devyn and Big Easy on “Battle of the Seasons.” Though teams Brooklyn and Fresh Meat were often pitted against each other, “Ronald McDonald and Black Barbie,” as Preston called them, were joined at the hip in Turkey, and in the “Challenge Confessions” clip below, Devyn admits there was one particular morning ritual that made the pair’s weird love even weirder.

Devyn explains that because she paid such close attention to her hair and makeup in the morning, she was often the last person ready to leave the house, so to ensure she still had her most important meal of the day, Big Easy volunteered to act as her room service attendant. “When Big Easy would bring me breakfast, I wouldn’t always have clothes on, and Preston says he is traumatized because he came in my room one morning and I’m, like, sitting in bed, pretty much with no clothes on, and Eric’s bringing me food,” the “Free Agent” (over)shares. Some people need coffee to wake up, Devyn just needs some nude nourishment…

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