Derek’s cousin gives nev the skinny on his ‘catfish’ love life [bonus scene]

Though Derek’s relationships have mostly led to disappointment, he still managed to remain hopeful about his online prospect, “Kristen,” on the latest episode of “Catfish.” Before the news that “Kristen” was actually Chasity broke his heart, however, his cousin Christina warned Nev that she could feel Derek becoming cynical. And even though he’s in good spirits during their bowling outing in the bonus scene below, Christina says his happiness could be at risk if his online relationship ends up failing like all the others.

After some lucky strikes, Nev sits down with Christina and asks how Derek’s previous breakups and divorce affected him. “There’s not that smile or glow about Derek,” she says. “He’s sad.” Christina tells the Internet romance detective that Derek’s main goal is to find a partner to share his life with, and that the resultant pressure he puts on himself makes things all the more disappointing when things don’t work out. “He’s always wanted that companion,” she says.

Check out the clip: