Deploying a snot rocket or detonating a computer virus: which #fail was worse?

“If you’ve ever tweeted about Bieber, texted about nipples or asked the Internet about vagina steam, we’re on to you.”

Consider us guilty three times over, Hasan Minhaj! On last night’s “Failosophy,” which featured the hilarious Nicole Byer of MTV’s new series, “Girl Code,” three Internet critics sorted through a particularly snatch-heavy batch of tales (something you wanna tell us, computer nerds…?). Among the sex craze, though, there were three flagrant #FAILs that stood above the rest.

First, as Hasan predicted might happen, one Internet user well-versed in the art of TMI decided to poll cyberspace about her koo-kah: “Why does steam come out of my vagina?” she asked. Uhh, care to field this one, ladies? At least she was able to remain anonymous, though — another poor soul revealed her face as she told the story of how sneezing in a masseuse’s face got her a passive aggressive “karate chop to the vagina.” Youch. And lastly, one horny audience member said she gave her friend’s computer a virus by d-loading too much porn on it. The Geek Squad must’ve loved that one.

Which #FAIL stood above the rest? Tell us in the comments!