‘degrassi’ trailer hints at hot and steamy mtv premiere

Degrassi Season 13 Fall Trailer

The MTV premiere of ‘Degrassi‘ is just one week away and if we’ve done our research right then we know you’re dying to find out what the latest season has in store. More specifically, how will Drew deal with the passing of his brother? Does Imogen plan to tell Becky about the kiss she shared with Adam? Will Alli’s former crush follow her back from Paris? And the biggest question of all, how will ‘Degrassi’ change now that it’s on MTV? Well we’re glad you asked!

We can assure you this move for the Panthers will be made as smooth as possible, but we can’t promise things won’t get A LOT sexier! What can we say? Miley set the bar REALLY high twerking at the VMAs!

But enough about that, you’ve waited so patiently and now it’s here! The fall trailer!

In the upcoming season Maya will continue to battle with her bad girl alter-ego, the much-loved bromance between Drew and Dallas will be threatened by a simple misunderstanding, and all-in-all, the hormones will be raging!

Watch the full trailer below and be sure to check out the exclusive webisode featuring Eli as he enters his new dorm life premiering tonight at 9e/6p.