‘degrassi’ star ricardo hoyos, aka zig, takes on iconic ‘billy the kid’

Ricardo Hoyos in 'Billy the Kid'

When Ricardo Hoyos wasn’t acting as resident bad boy Zig this past winter on ‘Degrassi,’ he took on the challenge of playing one of the most iconic western bad boys in history, William H. Bonney, better known as, ‘Billy the Kid.’

Most of us know Billy the Kid as an infamous Irish American Gunman that came to fame in the 19th Century for his crimes as an outlaw and a gambler. His story has been retold time and time again, however, many versions focus heavily on his life as an outlaw and very few explore the history of his life prior. With so many different versions of the story it becomes difficult to know the exact truth of his life, leaving the story open for discussion and interpretation.

Joshua Amar, a local Toronto film student, and writer Matt Pancer, recently collaborated on a short film telling a story of William Bonnie aka Billy the Kid (Ricardo Hoyos), and his father, Edward (John Ralston aka Mr. Hollingsworth). The short, focusing on Billy’s life before he became an outlaw, is set in pre-Civil War America and tells the story of Billy’s father, a passive protagonist in a fight to protect his family.

Ricardo Hoyos and Joshua Amar

Ricardo Hoyos and Joshua Amar on the set of ‘Billy the Kid.’

When Billy’s father makes the decision to remain inactive in a time of war, even after his wife is badly wounded by a civilian, a battle between father and son begins. Billy makes the choice to rebel against his father, taking drastic measures to do what he believes is right, ultimately, sending him down his inevitable path of becoming an outlaw.

We recently had Ricardo Hoyos in the studio to fill us in on the details of the short film, ‘It was definitely a lot different because ‘Degrassi’ shoots on sets most of the time. It deals a lot with very controlled conditions, whereas, we were filming on location the whole time, outside, in the windy cold, on a horse. You don’t get that on ‘Degrassi’.’

Billy the Kid‘ was shot in Northern Ontario over the course of six days. Hoyos not only had to learn his lines, he also had to learn his way around on the back of a horse. Check out the clip below to find out how he did!

Connect with ‘Billy The Kid’ online to find out when you can attend local screenings in Toronto. Screenings will begin as early as May 13, 2014. 

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