Degrassi sneak peek pics: ‘believe part 2’

Zoe sitting in court with her mom and zig.

On last week’s episode of ‘Degrassi‘ we were given a glimpse at what life would be like if the Emmy nominated drama went the way of ‘Law&Order: SVU’ and tonight that trend continues as the defense proceeds and the story develops.

We’ve seen all the evidence and heard the twisted tales of the press but while we’re still awaiting a verdict, the jury has yet to hear testimony from one of the most important witnesses, Becky Baker. We’re still not sure we’ll hear from Becky tonight since as far as we know she’s still lost in the woods with Drew.

Will Becky have the courage to take the stand? And if she does, will she tell the truth or honour her mother’s wishes to defend her brother’s name? Find out tonight on an all-new episode of ‘Degrassi’ airing at 9e/6p only on MTV.