Degrassi ship of the week: imogen and jack

Jack and Imogen (Ep.1409)

No matter how many disagreements they have, Jack and Imogen always manage to snag the title of Degrassi Ship of the Week again and again.

On tonight’s episode, word about Degrassi nudes was spreading fast and when Imogen learned about the site featuring nudes of actual Degrassi students in exchange for money she made it her mission to find the person responsible, little did she know she was looking right at her…

As you know, Jack is a member of the Panthers Power Cheer team which means she’s been OmmfChatting her boobs for money at Zoe’s command. Apparently Jack didn’t think it was necessary to tell Imogen about it and when Imogen found out it was her ladylove all over the internet, she felt betrayed.

The girls managed to work out their differences in the end. Apologies were made and sealed with adorable kisses. Once again, Jack-o-gen lands this week’s title of Degrassi Ship of the Week!

Jack and Imogen (Ep.1409)

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