Degrassi ship of the week: ‘hero v. S. Villain’ zig and zoe

Zig and Zoe (Ep.1410)

Is it possible there’s a chance Zig and Zoe could get back together? We think so!

Zig and Zoe haven’t really spoken since Zoe dumped him for treating her like a victim but when Zig mistook Zoe’s assembly speech for his history paper he had a small window of opportunity to tell her what was on his mind.

Zig told Zoe he recognized that joining Power Cheer and speaking out at the school assembly about Degrassi Nudes (keep in mind, Zig doesn’t know Zoe is behind Degrassi Nudes) are all things that take courage and for a brief moment, Zoe looked like she was ready to forgive Zig. She told him she didn’t think he was a total idiot and just as the the conversation was going from heated to flirty they were interrupted by Zoe’s blackmailer. Sigh.

Now that Zoe has been outed to the entire school for running Degrassi Nudes do you think Zig will come to her rescue or will he be happy he got out when he did? Tell us if you think this couple still has a shot at love in the comments below!

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