‘degrassi’ ship of the week: becky and jonah

Becky | Jonah

Um, what is going on here? Who is Jonah and where did he come from?

On tonight’s episode of ‘DegrassiBecky met Jonah while auditioning to be in his band. He kind of told her she sucked and then read a personal letter from her brother that she had dropped.

Jonah eventually tracked Becky down to return the letter and when he did he quoted Isaiah, ‘I am he who blots out your transgressions for my own sake.’

Becky was taking her anger out on Jonah but the person she was really mad at was her brother, Luke, and Jonah helped her realize that. After visiting Luke in juvenile detention, Becky decided to apologize to Jonah. Jonah confessed that he couldn’t get Becky’s audition song out of his head and decided she had something special to offer the band after all.

Look out Drew, you may be Becky’s BF but we’re calling Jonah and Becky our Ship of the Week!


Do you think there could be something more between Jonah and Becky? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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